About  Paul

About Paul

Paul Wearmouth is a revolutionary in
the Customer Service world. He is the creator of WOW Customer Service and he knows that World Class Service inspires and motivates customers to want to Buy More, Spend More and Return More!

Paul has worked with market leaders such as Top Cashback, Property Mark, Sight Care and other industry leaders to help them deliver a level of service that their competition simply cannot reach. To Paul, Service = Sales! He works with audiences to help them define their customer service contributions and inspires them to take 5 star service to the WOW level! 

WOW Customer Service creates more “Wonderful Opportunities to Win” more sales, more customers and more raving reviews of how great you are and how much you care! Paul is different because he shares HOW to do this by creating special “WOW Moments” with your customers and delivering more Excitement, Surprise, Love, Interest, Delight and a range of tailored moments that feed and fuel the buying and selling process.

 To quantify the results of WOW Customer Service, Paul shares the heart-warming stories of some ordinary people who have delivered EXTRA-ordinary levels of service to their customers and every example that Paul shares is carefully laced with original content that shows how to deliver it! 

Increased NPS scoring, incredible reviews and higher sales conversion and uptake are just some of the results you can get from “WOWING” your customers!

With over 25 years of service experience, Paul has inspired individuals, organisations and brands to think differently about the service that they offer. To support your ongoing success, Paul shares his renowned “WOW 360”activities that challenges audiences and teams to create new ideas to drive your service experience to new heights across every touch point of your business, now and in the future to continually evolve your Customer Service Experience.

His high impact, flexible and tailored keynotes last from an energetic and entertaining 20 minutes to a full-depth 60-minute masterclass. With the addition of a further workshop and continued, ongoing support available from Paul beyond your event, you can be sure that WOW Customer Service and Experience will transform the way you serve your customers and clients