About  Paul

About Paul

Paul Wearmouth is a fire starter in the customer service world and he knows how to liberate the massive, untapped potential of Customer Service and Experience to inspire, incite and motivate your customers to want to spend more, buy more and return more!

WOW Customer Service is the new way to deliver an experience that will win sales, motivate your team and get your customers telling the world how amazing you are and how much you care!

With over 25 years of service experience, Paul has inspired individuals, organisations and brands to think differently about the service that they offer and using his “WOW 360” activities, he challenges audiences and teams to create new ideas to drive your service experience to new heights across every touch point of your business.

Creating a bespoke presentation or workshop is all part of the experience and Paul works with you to deliver exactly what you want your team to achieve and create the takeaways that will help liberate their inner creativity to generate new and exciting ideas which they can implement immediately and turn them in to a new age sales and customer winning strategy.

With energy, humour and authenticity, his real life examples and original content will have your audience fixed on how they can take their customer service experience to a new level, the WOW Level!